"Looking for a Neat Holiday Gift?" - Montclair State University

"Looking for a Neat Holiday Gift?" - Montclair State University

"Montclair State Senior and Communication and Media Arts major Tre Cameron is an entrepreneur at heart. Since he was young, Cameron and his friends have used their creative yet analytic minds to create innovative new products, ranging from apps to underwater speakers. Most recently, Cameron and his business partner, Michael Campbell, have found success with a one-of-a-kind cupholder, known formally as the Cup-Holster.

The inspiration for the rapidly-selling invention came from a spilled drink in Campbell’s dorm room. “We were playing video games first year of college and he knocked his drink over,” Cameron said. “The original idea came out of just having really small desks in our dorms and spilling our drinks on it. So we just wanted to free up space.”

The Cup Holster comes in two parts, which snap together and screw onto the side of a desk. In addition to having the flexibility to adjust the ports to accommodate mug handles, the holster also includes a hole at the bottom to allow for phone and electronic charging."

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