Cup-Holster of the Month

Cup-Holster of the Month

This Cup-Holster of the month is really a soup holder!
Credit to David Hanna! : 
This bad boy can fit so much...
By David Hanna on Jul 30, 2020

This is 110 percent the best cupholder on Amazon, bar none!

It has a genius design of having you softly screw-in this silver screw to the right, to make it go upwards. This will tighten its hold and make it able to fit literally any desk, no matter how thick it is. Most cupholders on Amazon have a clasp style that just sticks on by way of kind of forcing it on, and sometimes, the desk can be too large. With this design, that is no longer an issue.

It CAN be moved, but only with a large amount of force. It can also be swiveled left and right to bring it towards you.

Also, it CAN hold mugs. But as you can see, it really depends on the mug size. It does stretch a bit for some items, but the max holding width seems to be a can of soup. However, this thing is the optimal size for most cups and other things as you can see!

The build quality is completely plastic, but can't be warped easily by way of anyone's hands. Or throwing it, if you're into that. I grabbed as many things as possible to have people understand what can and what can not fit.

Overall, I really do love this product. It truly is very well designed and does me, a gamer, very well with not needing to get up since I can put anything on this bad boy.

I recommend this over all other cupholders on Amazon.
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